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Welcome to Foxwood Studios, a small website dedicated to a fantasy story featuring anthropomorphic characters. (That means they're a little bit human, and a little bit animal, like the unlikely looking chap over on the right.)

Wasn't there a bigger site here?

Well, yes, but here's the thing: the world has gone Web 2.0. There's a lot of argument about what that actually means, but to my mind it's a hint that the place to post content is in community sites, rather than small personal websites (like this one).

Why bother then?

Not all community sites are good for all types of media - some specialise in art, some in stories, and it's kind of hard to find anywhere that's good for both at once. This site will be maintained with all the chapters for a story entitled The Foxwood Chronicles, background information about the world it's set in, and illustrations related to it, and anywhere you'll find parts of my work, you'll find the rest of it here.

Feral Foxwood, unlikely hero